Conception & Design

Design Studio

The design department is integrated and specialized in appearance parts. The Dourdin Group’s Design Department has three main objectives:

  • Participate in the elaboration of future parts in advance of the phase and in the pre-project, in the greatest confidentiality.
  • Follow the trends and propose creative, innovative, eco-responsible and realistic solutions for your new projects.
  • Design and develop products in close collaboration with our design office. Finishes, surface aspects, colours and all types of finishing are studied according to your requirements.

Process & Production Engineering

Dourdin Group - BE-Process Engineering
BE-Process Engineering

The Dourdin Group’s expert, multi-technical and international teams design and advise our customers on the definition of parts, production tools and processes that are best suited to economic, technical and environmental expectations.


The Dourdin Group has an ERP management system that allows the complete and automated processing of product and process traceability:

  • Customer orders, management of shipments by EDI that meet customer requirements and Galia/Odette/Ford VDA standards
  • Procurement management
  • From inventory control with barcode or QR code labels, to traceability from raw materials to finished products
  • Follow-up of orders in manufacturing, and quality control

laboratory & quality


The Dourdin Group’s laboratories are equipped with analysis and control equipment, allowing the control of production and the approval of new products, taking into account the requirements of our customers. The R&D centers of the group are equipped among other things to make:

  • Thermal cycles
  • Crokemeter friction tests
  • Cass-Test
  • Measurement Colour, light box, spectro…
  • Humidity testing
  • The measurement of the luminosity
  • Analysis Calcium chloride
  • Gravelling tests
  • Thickness and Step’s
  • Microporous measurement…
  • Acetic acid analysis
  • In partnership, VOC, fire, smoke tests, …
  • Adhesion and traction tests, Tractrometer
Environmental Quality

The quality approach has always been at the heart of the Dourdin Group’s activities. This approach is deployed on all sites and reflects the quality of our services and our environmental commitment.

The sites of the Dourdin Group are certified:

  • IATF 16949
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

Innovation and environment

The Dourdin Group is stepping up its commitment to the planet and reinforcing its environmental, societal, economically efficient, responsible, sustainable and innovative actions. The Dourdin Group is committed to contributing to the UN’s sustainable development goals.


The Dourdin Group’s footprint allows us to deliver to our customers all over the world, while offering logistical solutions that ensure traceability and that are in line with the objectives of reducing our customers’ carbon footprint.

The Dourdin Group provides local, international, responsible and sustainable logistics coverage.
DOURDIN Group (France – headquarters)

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DOURECA Produtos Plásticos, Lda.
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Commercial office

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