Dourdin Group

Decoratives Solutions

Dourdin / Decorative Solutions™ designs and produces technical, innovative and durable decorative parts for the automotive, rail and mobility (cycle, motorcycle, water sports…) industries.

The Dourdin group relies on multiple technologies such as: plastic injection, electrolytic chroming, painting, metal stamping, printing, adhesive films, assembly and lacquering…

The international teams of the Dourdin Group develop industrial, logistical and innovative solutions to meet the present and future requirements of our customers.

Our Vision
& Our Committments

The Dourdin Group is an agile and responsive Tier 1, 2 and 3 company.
We are proud to develop technological, aesthetic, ecological, sustainable and intelligent solutions for the vehicles of the future.


Strengthen our European footprint and support our customers in the ecological challenges of 2035 and prepare for the 2050 world horizon.


Forge new technological, commercial and/or capital alliances with our customers, suppliers and universities to accelerate our developments.


Develop a complete range of innovative, intelligent, ecological and sustainable surfaces with increasingly energy-efficient processes to reduce our carbon footprint and become “carbon neutral” on each site.


Accelerate our investment program in Europe and Turkey to offer our innovative solutions for alternative lighting of interactive surfaces, Chrome Free process (Full REACH approved) or anti-bacterial surfaces (even anti-covid-19).

Our Clients

The Dourdin Group is the partner for technological and aesthetic challenges and “custom” solutions for our clients. The biggest brands trust us, why not you?

Our Products & Technologies

We are a multi-specialist with a wide range of innovative decorative solutions for the exterior and interior of mobile vehicles.

Discover all our technologies and products:

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Do you have a question, a new project, or a suggestion?

You can reach us directly by phone or email.

Do you have a question, a new project, or a suggestion?
You can reach us directly by phone or email.

+33 3 20 63 07 70

[email protected]

Address of our headquarters in France

25 rue Emile Vandamme
59350 Saint André lez Lille