Posted on January 27th , 2023

NEW ultra-performant & eco-friendly
plastic painting lines

We paint the plastic parts of our most demanding customers: mirror housings, monograms, wheel covers, roof box, spoilers, bumper panels, radiator grilles, and much more with an environmentally friendly process.

Both solvent and water base painting types are possible as well as UV cure.


Le groupe Dourdin accélère son engagement pour la planète et renforce ses actions environnementales.

Dourdin X EcoTree

En partenariat avec EcoTree nous nous attachons à réduire au minimum l’impact de nos activités et contribuer à l’entretien de puits de carbone naturels.


Alpine A110R

Emblems and monograms by Dourdin Group

AUDIT for prevention of industrial plastic pellet losses in the environment

French Regulation No. 2021-461 of April 16, 2021 requires sites producing, handling and transporting industrial plastic granules (IPG) to:

  • implement measures to prevent losses and discharges into the environment,
  • have an audit of these measures carried out by each site by January 1, 2023 at the latest.

This regulation is part of the AGEC law (Anti-waste and circular economy).
Our relevant sites were audited in October 2022 and declared satisfactory by an independent and accredited certification body. All the results are available here.

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