Posted on March the 1st, 2024

We design and produce technical, innovative and durable decorative parts for the automotive, rail and mobility (cycle, motorcycle, water sports…) industries.

France gender equality index :

Dourdin Decorative Solutions France is committed to professional equality and achieved an index of 85/100 in 2023.

At Dourdin Decorative Solutions France, we promote an inclusive work environment that values diversity. These principles align with the values of our group.

In 2023, we continued our efforts to promote professional equality and achieved an index of 85/100*.

We obtained the following results on the five criteria of the gender equality index:

  • equal pay or the gender pay gap: 37/40
  • equal rates of pay rises: 35/35
  • number of employees of the under-represented gender among the 10 highest earners: 0/10
  • salary raises upon return from maternity leave: not computable
    (no return from maternity leave in 2023).

One criterion requires ever greater commitment: the presence of women among the highest salaries in the company: 0/10. Recognizing its significance, Dourdin Decorative Solutions France is dedicated to taking action to address this issue.

* : According to the Law on the freedom to choose one’s professional future of 5 September 2018, companies with at least 50 employees must annually publish the overall score of the gender equality index and the scores for the 4 or 5 indicators that comprise it on their website. This index enables companies to assess the level of equality between women and men on a scale of 100 points, based on 4 indicators.

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