“Green and 100% Recyclable”
Chrome parts for the automotive Industry by Dourdin group

“Green and 100% Recyclable”
Chrome parts for the automotive Industry by Dourdin group

Posted on May 6th , 2024

We design and produce technical, innovative and durable decorative parts for the automotive, rail and mobility (cycle, motorcycle, water sports…) industries.

Chrome-plated decorative parts are widely used by car designers to create a unique design in the automotive industry. Bright, Mat or Satin chrome finishes are frequently applied to brand insignia, model names, and a wide variety of interior and exterior components, providing a luxurious finish that car owners enjoy. However, there’s a catch; the process used to produce these parts has had a negative impact for years.

At Dourdin group, we care for the planet and have offered since 2007 Trivalent chroming and since 2022. Green Chrome is part of our global strategy to reduce the carbon impact of our productions and achieve carbon neutrality. We started in by supplying parts with Cr3 and since 2022, we have been producing chrome-plated decorated parts 100% free of Cr6+ (etching bath).

We even have a dedicated Green Chrome production line at our Portuguese plant, DOURECA. This Green Chrome production line also utilizes solar electricity from solar panels located on the roof of the factory, enabling us to further reduce the carbon footprint of these chrome parts. With this specific production line, we are producing chrome parts that are ‘100% FREE Cr6+ & GREEN energy’.

Our innovative processes for Green Chrome have already been validated by several OEMs in the automotive industry, which have extremely demanding tests for the durability of interior and exterior finishes. We are currently working with Renault, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Ford, Land Rover, and Jaguar for both interior and exterior use, in bright or satin finish. Contact us to see for yourself we will share with you chrome highlights and luxurious finish that designers and car owners enjoy, all with a lower carbon footprint!

Seeking perfect chrome finishes? Contact us to explore our solutions for chrome parts with a smaller carbon footprint and discover our carbon reduction measures on door handles, monograms, and bumpers: Green Chrome vs. regular Chrome and Painted parts. You will be amazed by what we can achieve!

Dourdin is actively engaged in reducing its carbon footprint and is already spearheading a wide range of actions to achieve its goals.
We aim to reduce our impact on Scope 3 by 40% by 2030

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